Invalid Address is an experimental platform for Performance art based in Berlin.

Conceived as a laboratory, our goal is to break down barriers and experiment between different artistic genres: fine arts, scenic arts and new media.

We believe Performance is the perfect space where different arts come together to be mixed into a unique expression, in time and space.

Collaboration is the center of our experimentation. Our activity consists in discuss, hear, propose, exchange and dialog. It is not always an easy task but a great challenge that expands our horizons as individuals.

Using an abstract and multimedial language our works are trying to reflect on life and society with a humorous approach. By making the absurdity and confusion of reality visible, we try to communicate and interact with the public directly, loosing the limits between audience and performer.

Sonia Orfila

Irene Pascual

Paco Vallejo


Reyes Perez

Jacqueline Tauil

Rosa Teixidor

Sergio Frutos

Johnny Amore