HUNGER International Performance Art Festival, Berlin.
photo: Johnny Amore, Sergio Frutos.

What did you see this morning when you first wake up? We are a mix made of visions. Our original face was deleted, we were born from whiteness and were pushed through a world of sensitive images. We grew up being a reflection of our own physical context, drawing our childhood through magical relations, understanding life as it comes, guessing the future from a certain unconsciousness .
What we see is synonym of our social class, our condition, our age, our historical background... Seeing is one of the most definitive and intense actions of our existence.
In our performance we interact directly with the viewer. We ask him/her directly “what is the first thing you have seen today?”. In basis of this question we will give the viewer a drink and lead him into a parcour of exuberance and delightment.
Getting inside the scene and participating actively in the work, as well as being seen by the rest of the public, the viewer will have to keep an active role. By the end of the itinerary, the viewer will be metaphorically naked when a pseudo-witch will tell him/her about the future.
Playing with different divintation techniques we connect directly with the fears, illusions and hopes of the audience...
Tyresias, the Blind Oracle, has an emblematic role in tragedy. Like most oracles, he is generally extremely reluctant to offer the whole of what he sees in his visions.